Riboxx Announces RNA Manufacturing (TENPORA) Patent Grant by Japanese Patent Office

Radebeul, Germany, 28th January 2014 – Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Riboxx) today announced that the Japanese Patent Office has granted Riboxx patent rights covering the TENPORA Technology in Japan. The TENPORA Technology has been developed by Riboxx for the manufacturing of its family of proprietary Toll-like-receptor 3 agonists, such as Riboxxim® used as immmunoadjuvant for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines; and Riboxxon® used in Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) development.

Dr. Jacques Rohayem, CEO of Riboxx said:

“We are proud and honored to receive from the Japanese Patent Office the confirmation of the innovation and uniqueness of the TENPORA technology. TENPORA allows us to manufacture Toll-like-receptor 3 agonists with unique physico-chemical and biological properties that are highly suitable for the development of therapeutic vaccines relying on the critical activation of T-cell immune response; as well as new ADC strategies for the treatment of cancer.

About Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified company focused on the development of molecules targeted to TLR3 with a direct application as vaccine adjuvants (Riboxxim®) and in immunotherapy (Riboxxon®). TLR3 agonists are key activators of dendritic cells and important players in innate immunity. The company engineers and manufactures TLR3 agonists, Riboxxim® and Riboxxon® to the highest possible quality standards. Today, Riboxx has on-going collaborations with both academic and industrial partners to advance the application of its TLR3 agonists in vaccination and immunotherapy. The company is headquartered in Radebeul, Germany. More information can be found at http://www.riboxx-pharma.com/about-riboxx/company.html.

About Riboxx´s manufacturing process of Toll-like Receptor 3 agonists

Riboxx has a proprietary process for manufacturing synthetic, highly pure and precisely defined nucleic acids molecules that are TLR3 agonists. The backbone structure, end modifications and lengths of the RNA strands can be easily adjusted and controlled by this biocatalytic process, thereby enabling the cost effective manufacturing of dsRNA that is fast, straight forward and easily scalable.

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