our partners in public institutions

Innovation in the biotech and pharmaceutical business strongly depends on the availability of funding. Additionnally, the skills and ability of scientists and technical personel are in this context of paramount importance.

The R&D programs of riboxx pharmaceuticals have been supported over the last 7 years by various public institutions:

  • The German Ministry for Education and Reserach (BMBF) with 2 research grants (Go-BIO I and Go-BIO II)
  • The European Reserach Council within the projects SILVER (FP-7) and EUVIRNA (FP-7)
  • The German Ministry for Economics and Innovation (BMWI) with 2 research grants
  • The Saxon Bank for Development (SAB) with 1 research grant for the development of RIBOXXIM.

The partnership with the above named public institutions was very successful, allowing us to develop the cutting-edge technologies used for the design, manufacturing of GMP TLR3 ligands and quality control of our drug products.