Drug substance: RGIC®50 bioconjugate (GMP TLR3 ligand)

Fig. 1. Interaction of RIBOXXON RGIC50 bioconjugate with the TLR3 homodimer. Structural model of one bioconjugate consisiting of 1 molecule of RGIC50 (linked to 1 mAb) and ligating 2 TLR3 monomers.

Biological activity

Ligand of TLR3 and RLR.


  • RGIC50 bioconjugate generates a Th1 immune response with a particular activation of CD8+ positive T cells.
  • RGIC50 bioconjugate strongly activates dendritic cells and monocytes.
  • RGIC50 bioconjugate has a very well defined chemical structure, length and molecular weight, and a good solubility.
  • RGIC50 bioconjugate is stable in body fluids up to seven days.
  • RGIC50 bioconjugate is less toxic than poly(I:C) and has a much higher LD50 than poly(I:C).

Development stage

  • GMP TLR3 ligand RGIC50 has completed the pre-clinical development stage including GMP manufacturing.
  • RGIC50 bioconjugates are commercially available to scientists performing immunotherapy studies in vivo (RIBOXXOL biotin, RIBOXXOL amino, RIBOXXOL thio, RIBOXXOL red, RIBOXXOL green).
  • GMP TLR3 ligand RGIC50 is available for bioconjugation to pharmaceutical companies or public institutions performing Phase I to III clinical studies in cancer (immunotherapy, immunoncology).